Monday, November 27, 2017

AVSEPod Episode 32: The Star Wars Extravaganza!

Presenting a very special Very Special Episode, in which four nerds put Star Wars - from the dizzying highs of the binary sunset & dramatic paternal declarations to the lowest Jar Jar Binks-ian lows - on trial.

For the Defense, one die hard Star Wars uber-fan & apologist (Austin). For the Prosecution, a triumvirate of fans running the gamut from the jaded (Carolyn) to the casual (David) to the exuberant-with-reservations (Ryan). Over the course of this (very) long episode (which might just be the longest thing ever recorded by anyone, ever), we will litigate everything from the charred corpses of Luke's family, to Han Solo's spiritual beliefs, to the animate cardboard known as Hayden Christensen, as well as rolling tentacle-vaginas, annoying cameos, and more. So much more.

Will the Defense convince anyone that the Prequels aren't all that bad? Will the Prosecution make the Defense question some of his life choices? Well, grab a cup of Jawa juice, then download this episode in less than twelve parsecs and listen here

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