Tuesday, December 13, 2022

AVSEPod Episode 132: Beverly Hills, 90210 - "It's a Totally Happening Life"

Happy Holidays from the 90s! This week, we return to our (well, Austin's) favorite zip code for a Very Special Christmas episode featuring those smoldering "teens" of Beverly Hills, 90210, in which a pair of angels (yes, really) enact a It's a Wonderful Life pastiche that is less about aping the movie and more about pointing out that the movie just, you know, exists. Join Austin, Carolyn, and David as they discuss poofy hair, what it means to "trim" the tree, and question just how much 90210 is too much 90210. God may or may not intervene. 

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Be sure to listen to Carolyn's spinoff podcast, Pitch Please!, here, and buy the game here!


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