Monday, August 1, 2022

AVSEPod Episode 126: Full House - "The House Meets the Mouse Parts 1 & 2"

Our Summer of Disney continues with a trip across the country to America's wang, as the Tanner family heads to Disneyworld in the two-part "The House Meets the Mouse"! Join Carolyn, David and Austin as they obsess about exactly how much time actually passes in the course of the episode, learn a lesson in benevolent monarchy, and lament the absence of horny president robots. 

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  2. So I had to share just how AWFUL the continuity is with Jesse and Becky's wedding to their anniversary in these two episodes.

    1. Their wedding in season 4 actually did not take place in the finale. It was episodes 18 and 19, out of a 26 episode season.

    2. They actually say that they get married on valentine's day, which is obviously in February. These episodes Disney most likely take place in April, since I think they say the kids are on spring break, not winter break which could be in February. And its the season finale, which normally take place around the time that they air.

    So the writers continue to be awful, and you can take solace in the fact that the continuity in the show continues to suck.