Monday, December 21, 2020

AVSEPod Episode 105: Peep Show - "Seasonal Beatings"


Pip pip, Happy Christmas guv'nor! This week we're traveling across the pond to merry ole England for our final Christmas episode of this holiday season, Peep Show's "Seasonal Beatings", in which Mark's family is coming over for Christmas lunch and Jeremy is a bit over-excited for the holiday. And if none of that makes any sense to you, don't worry, because Anglophile Carolyn is there to help walk you, Austin, and David through the vast narrative tapestry that is Peep Show! Join them as they talk Hot Knives, debate whether a potato counts as "veg", and explore the difference between an Eiffel Tower and spit-roasting!  

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Also, be sure to listen to Carolyn's spinoff podcast, Pitch Please!, here, and buy the game here!

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