Monday, February 5, 2018

AVSEPod Episode 39: Too Close for Comfort - "For Every Man, There's Two Women"

For our special Valentines Day episode, the Aluminum Four reunite to tackle one of the white whales of our podcast, an infamous Very Special Episode we've been after since the start of the podcast. Thanks to the help of intrepid listener who tracked down a copy, this week we're reviewing Too Close for Comfort's "For Every Man, There's Two Women", in which the doofy Monroe is kidnapped and raped by two women. It's an episode which, to its credit, tries to present female-on-male rape as a legitimate problem that actually can happen, but then, less to its credit, tries to have its cake by spending most of the episode laughing at the problem. Needless to say, we have...thoughts on the matter.

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