Monday, August 14, 2017

AVSEPod Episode 24: Step by Step - "Video-Mania"

Join us as we once more endeavor to convince ourselves that the Friday nights of our youth weren't entirely wasted. That's right, it's part two of our AVSE TGIF series!

This week we're discussing "90s Brady Brunch", aka Step by Step, season three, episode six, "Video-Mania", in which OCD Mark trades his addiction to good grades for that scourge of youth, video games. It sort of addresses the issue of video game addiction, but it's also hard to tell how earnestly the issue is regarded by the show's creators. Plus, the glaring marital issues that Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy are struggling with are only slightly addressed as well, and the personality disorders running rampant through their excessive gaggle of children is virtually ignored. But helping Ryan and David sort all this out is very special guest, podcaster and admitted video game addict Gary Butterfield. If his life hadn't already been ruined by that damn computer box, then watching this episode would've gotten the job done for sure.

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  1. you guys are funny but have no clue about Step by Step or the cast. Cody called Dana "Danaburger" and the theme has no bridges at this point cause they cut the song to shreds after the first 2 seasons to shorten the intro. Chris Castile (Mark) is a real life teacher now. this show always gets a lot of negative reviews but it's my favorite sitcom of all time - the humor is so freakin random. Just like Carol singing The Girl from Ipanema, Al annoying Dana with the slinky or Cody welding some stuff together just because he can - it's hilarious and few people really get it today, cause it's 80s/early 90s everything-goes humor...

  2. Indeed, the sole thought of a "video diversion" or an electronic gadget which was made for "playing games and having a ton of fun" was over the creative ability of more than 99% of the populace back then.

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