Monday, April 24, 2017

AVSEPod Episode 16: World War II Cartoon Theater LIVE

It's another very special episode of "A Very Special Episode", as Carolyn first leads the Midwest boys in a discussion of "Booby Traps", one of the infotainment cartoons starring Private Snafu ordered by the US Army in World War II and created by some of the finest minds working in Warner Bros. animation, including Mel Blanc and Dr. freaking Seuss. Then, she and Ryan are joined by special guest (and SbtB Reviewed favorite) Terry Blas to discuss the World War II-era, Academy Award-winning, Donald Duck cartoon "Der Fuehrer's Face" in our first ever LIVE episode, recorded at the Alberta Street Pub as part of the Rivercity Podcast Federation launch show.

So bone up on fascism and set your Rube Goldbergian deathtraps, then download and listen here, rate & review us on iTunes or listen via PodbeanStitcher and Google Play. You can follow the show on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and email us via Drop us a line and let us know what you think of the show, or give us suggestions for future episodes!

Also, be sure to check out Terry's website, and follow him on Twitter @TerryBlas 

And of course, A Very Special Episode is part of the Rivercity Podcast Federation, a group of like-minded podcasts from across the internet (but mostly physically in Portland). Check out the other great shows here.

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