Monday, March 27, 2017

AVSEPod Episode 14: Dinosaurs - "Steroids to Heaven"

Join the Aluminum Four as they travel back in time 65 million years/the early 90s, to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth/airwaves, via Dinosaurs, ABC's Jim Henson-produced sitcom featuring pantsless dinosaur puppets tackling the issues of the day via prehistoric-themed puns. Steroids are on the menu in the season three episode "Steroids to Heaven", in which teenage Robbie pops some "thornoids" in order to bulk up and impress a girl, but the Aluminum Four, in true meandering fashion, also take on the Friend Zone, Skype etiquette, and what kind of food they'd still eat if the food talked back to them. 

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  1. I was going to request this! But then when looking up the episode title I got distracted reading about their last episode. Dinosaurs last episode is heavy shit.

    1. I am fairly confident we'll review that finale at some point.

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