Monday, December 12, 2016

AVSEPod Episode 6: The Corey Feldman Extravaganza!

We continue to shake things up, format-wise, in this week's episode featuring Carol, Ryan and a very special guest, comedian Amy Miller. Rather than discussing a specific episode of a show, it's the podcast episode itself that's very special this week as the three hosts take part in a retrospective looking at 80s pop culture icon(?) Corey Feldman! 

In light of his recent appearances on the Today Show, it seems as though Corey's life has entered a very special phase, and we took it upon ourselves to investigate just when and how things went wrong. Starting with an all-time great child actor filmography and working our way towards the recent morning show debacles, we delve through decades of Feldmania, all the while asking ourselves if all this is his fault for needing our attention, or ours for continuing to give it to him. You don't have to be one of Corey's angels to make your way through this, but it helps.

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Also, be sure to check out Amy's website, where you can order her brand new comedy album, and follow her on Twitter @AmyMiller!

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